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Meet Your Teachers

Meet Your Teacher Trainers

A team of accomplished KRI Teacher Trainers from the Northwest will instruct this course. The core teachers are Viriam Singh Khalsa, M.A., Jai Kartar Kaur (Joan Davis), Simrat Kaur (Annski Williams) from Eugene and Dr. Hari Dass Singh Khalsa and Ajeet Kaur Wise from Portland. Together they bring over 125 years of yoga teaching experience to share with you.


Viriam Singh Khalsa MS

Lead Trainer

Viriam started teaching Kundalini Yoga in 1973 after completing his first (of three) teacher training 40-day residential course in San Raphael California. Viriam has studied intensively with Yogi Bhajan in many venues, including one of the first Master’s Touch teacher’s training classes. Viriam started teaching teacher training 16 years ago in Eugene. In his teaching career Viriam has taught Kundalini Yoga in many settings, including Elementary, middle and high schools, Community colleges, the University of Oregon, many professional groups, seniors, retreats and workshops and many more.

In addition to teaching Kundalini Yoga, Viriam is married (coming up on 31 years!) with two grown kids. Viriam also volunteers with United Way of Lane County, and is the executive manager for the Eugene Sikh Dharma community council. Teaching and training is a strong thread in all that Viriam does.


Jai Kartar Kaur Davis

Lead Trainer

Jai Kartar discovered Kundalini Yoga in 1994 during a personal health crisis, joining together the paths of yoga and healing in her life journey. Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Oregon inspired her participation in the first Master’s Touch Immersion with Yogi Bhajan. Intending to deepen her own practice through these trainings, Jai Kartar discovered her destiny as a teacher. This has manifested through classes at Yoga West Eugene, the University of Oregon, numerous workshops, conferences, retreats and special events, and teacher training. She began serving as a Trainer in 1998 and is now a Level 1 and 2 Lead Trainer.

Jai Kartar completed Level 2 Practitioner Teacher Training in 2008, and is one of the first group to complete Level 3 Teacher Training in 2015. She is a regular participant in TTEC (Teacher Trainers Executive Council) and served on the Board of Directors of KRI for seven years.

The healer’s path has led to the practice and teaching of the yogic healing art of Sat Nam Rasayan, where she is a Level III Candidate. She has deepened her meditative capacity through regular participation in retreats in the US, Europe, and India. Jai Kartar has also studied Postures, Yogic Numerology, and Breathwalk.

After previous incarnations as an academic and entrepreneur, Jai Kartar savors the yogic life with its endless opportunities for service, healing and wholeness in a community of consciousness.


Hari Dass Singh Khalsa, DC

Lead Trainer

Hari Dass is a Chiropractic Physician, Teacher Trainer, yoga instructor, and Sikh minister in Portland.  He has practiced Kundalini Yoga since 1974 and has taught since 1976.  Starting in the early 90’s he has taught Anatomy in numerous yoga teacher training programs both within and outside of Kundalini Yoga, including the Aquarian Teacher™ Program in Espanola, NM, Vancouver BC, and Rishikesh, India.   
His classes emphasize strength, and especially abdominal strength, along with spinal flexibility and improved biomechanics to correct and avoid spinal injuries and other health concerns along with the link between health, physiology and state of consciousness.


Simrat Kaur/Annski Williams BA

Associate Trainer

Simrat Kaur has been practicing Kundalini Yoga since 1995 and teaching the yoga since her graduation from Teacher Training in 1999. She embraces a yogic lifestyle and continues to study and practice yoga, locally and in other parts of the world. She completed Level II Teacher Training requirements in 2008 having taken two of the modules with Yogi Bhajan, and has certification and years of experience in teaching Kundalini Pre-natal Yoga and Breath Walk ™ and Gentle Yoga. She is a level 2 certified practitioner of Sat Nam Rasayan ™. She has taken study in using Kundalini Yoga and nutrition for support in recovering from addictions and has begun studying in the large field of Yoga Therapy.

She continues to study with Yogi Bhajan through DVD and written material, including his 31 class Re-Birthing series. She is acquiring many years of experience with the cooperative management of Yoga West Eugene, a small non-profit studio dedicated to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. She feels blessed to have experience in wilderness travel, plant ecology, field biology, working with animals domestic and wild, gardening for food, teaching children with high needs for academic and behavioral support and in supporting families in times of need. She is honored to be the parent of two children and one grandchild. She is especially interested in making Kundalini Yoga accessible to the most people possible.



Ajeet Kaur Wise

Associate Trainer

Ajeet Kaur fell in love with Kundalini Yoga in 1978. After her first class at a community college she was hooked. She sought out teachers, studied at the Portland Ashram and began attending Yogi Bhajan’s lectures. Teaching Kundalini has become a part of her life’s service. She has been teaching two ongoing yoga classes since 1999. Also, she has lead workshops in Numerology, Breathwalk, Sat Nam Rasayan, Women’s Health, Feng Shui, and Yogic Foods. When Ajeet teaches, she holds a nurturing space based in neutrality. In this space students are engaged with their soul, and are energetically connected to the teachings of Kundalini’s ancient technology. It is her intention to help students to help themselves, as together we journey into the Aquarian Age.

– Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself- Chinese Proverb